The AXSC - IC office offers the following consultancy and support services in the form of framework and individual contracts:



1. General consultancy concerning business opportunities with NATO and the EU.


2. Expert advice concerning tendering and evaluation procedures used within NATO and the EU.


3. Provision of detailed information regarding current, prospective and long-term projects.


  • Supply and evaluation of project information including periodic reporting.


  • Information about project status up to the publication of the information for bidding.


  • Project state of play within the agencies.


  • State of play within the technical working groups.


  • State of play within the relevant budget committees.


  • Support for the preparation of bid proposal.



4. Mediation for contact and possible teaming arrangements .


5. Revision of bidding proposals.


6. Support for the preparation of Basic Ordering Agreements (BOA, NCIA framework contract).


7. Individual representation and support of contractors during project implementation.




Services are offered by several practice oriented contracts:



1. Presentations, Introduction, initial advice:


  • Presentations about business opportunities and tendering procedures within international organizations


  • Workshops "How to do business with NATO and EU"


  • Initial information provision and introduction of the AXSC portfolio and service catalogue.


  • Payment based on per diem expenses plus travel costs if applicable.


2. Framework contract covering the general provision of information, the initial representation and support of companies in Brussels.


  • This contract covers items 1 to 4 of the service catalogue.


  • Not exclusively limited to one company.


  • Constant gathering, analysis and distribution of information about relevant projects.


  • Reporting as necessary, at least once a week.


  • Detailed description of the work package to be provided with the contract.




3. Individual project support and representation of the company during the bidding phase and contract implementation.


  • This contract covers items 5 to 7 of the service catalogue.


  • Exclusive contract for project support.


  • Definition of the required work package by the customer.


  • For items 5 and 6 of the service catalogue the AXSC - IC will provide an assessment of the expected work expressed in man-days.

  • For item 7 of the service catalogue the AXSC - IC will propose a projected amount of man days per week or month; a fixed booking of man days by the customer is possible.


  • A detailed description of the work package will be negotiated in the contract.


  • Payment on per diem basis as negotiated in the contract.