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LtCol German Air Force ret. Axel Schuessler



Personal and specialized qualification:


From 01 April 2002 until 31 March 2013 he served for the German military representation to NATO and EU in Brussels.


From January 2000 until March 2002 he was project officer for all armaments projects for German Air Force Air Defence radar sites in the German Air Force Command.


From March 1994 until December 1999 he served as Chief of the Project Coordination Section at the NATO Programming Centre (NPC).


During his last commitment for his military delegation, he served as national technical expert (NATEX) in the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) and as CIS expert in NATO and the EU. During this period he was as well the international chairman of the Project team Communication and Information Systems (CIS; 2006-2009) and the Project Team Network Enabled Capabilities (NEC; 2009-2013) in the European Defence Agency (EDA).


Based on this background he can offer a wide range of specific skills and he has excellent contacts within NATO, the EU, national delegations and the industrial world.


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